In two words... "Luxurious Discoveries". Every-other-month we curate a selection of 4-9 full-size, hand-picked, products with a retail value of $275+ per delivery. We also offer the "New" Luxor Box "Petite" with a selection of 2-3 full-size products with a retail value of $75+ per delivery. We like to feature unique and up-and-coming brands. Each product featured is hand selected for the highest quality, standards and ingredients. Our surprise selections will range from high-end spa products, top-shelf beauty products, jewelry, apparel, home accessories and unique treasures from around the world. Please visit our Brands page to view past boxes. Please note: The $275+ retail value for Luxor Box or any guaranteed retail value for Special Edition/Mystery boxes and the $75+ retail value for our "Petite" box are based on the manufacturer's main website estimated MSRP at the time products are acquired by Luxor Box. All prices are subject to change without notice and Luxor Box is not liable for price differences of the same products on third party sale sites or the manufacturer's main site if they decide to offer a discount or promotion. Please visit our Terms page for more details.


Luxor Box is all about new discoveries. Part of the fun is the element of surprise. Every-other-month (6 times per year) you’ll receive a box with completely different products. You won’t know what is in your box until you receive it at your doorstep. It’s like giving yourself a surprise luxurious gift 6 times per year.


Membership is very limited! We have currently re-opened our memberships for a limited time. If you would like to become a member, please visit our Become a Member page. These memberships are only available while supplies last.


Luxor Box: Luxor Box subscription rates are $139 every-other-month for US deliveries and $169 every-other-month for Canada deliveries. All deliveries will have a $275+ retail value with free shipping always! Luxor Box "Petite": Our Luxor Box "Petite" subscription rate is $50 every-other-month for US deliveries (not available in Canada). All Luxor Box "Petite" deliveries will have a $75+ retail value with free shipping always!


Luxor Box is our main box featuring 4-9 products ($275+ value) which gives each member the full Luxor Box experience! The Luxor Box "Petite" is a smaller version of Luxor Box. The Luxor Box "Petite" contains 2-3 ($75+ value) of the 4-9 products being featured from Luxor Box for each shipment. The 2-3 products featured in our "Petite" boxes will be chosen from that same months main Luxor Box, so if you sign-up for both of our boxes, you will receive duplicate products. The "Petite" is a nice little taste of the Luxor Box experience. To view the comparisons, please visit our Become A Member page.


We don't offer one-time gift options but anyone can gift a subscription plan by simply entering your gift recipients name and address in the "ship-to" section at checkout.


We are not sending boxes for review at this time. If you purchase a box and create a review, please email us your review link at: We may feature your review on our website and social media pages.


We are always looking for exciting and new products to include in Luxor Box. If you are a high-end luxurious brand and would like to discuss product placement and brand collaboration, please contact us at:

Please note: We hold ourselves to impeccable standards for the brands and products we feature.

Orders & Shipping


You will be billed as soon as you sign-up. This date will be your renewal day and you will be billed on the same day every-other-month. For example, if you signed up on March 20th 2015, you will not be billed again until May 20th 2015, then July 20th 2015, so on and so forth. After you sign-up, you will receive a confirmation email direct from PayPal. We do not send any additional confirmation since PayPal does this for us. We strongly encourage those who intend to subscribe to read our terms and conditions page, so they are aware of any and all charges involved with our recurring service.

DISCLAIMER for Canada Orders: Duties and Taxes: Import duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are not included in the product price or our shipping and handling cost and it will be collected upon delivery from the carriers for certain packages. These charges are recipient’s responsibility as Luxor Box is only covering the cost of transportation fee for the packages. You may check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be.


As a member, we will ship you a different box of luxurious surprises every-other-month. We ship boxes 6 times per year and all boxes are shipped in January, March, May, July, September and November. If you purchase your box after the 6th of the month of the current box, you will recieve the next month's box (for example a box purchased on January 7th will recieve the March box). Shipping takes place over a 3-5 day period between the 10th - 20th of these months from the east coast via USPS. It usually takes between 2-5 days for your box to arrive at your door for US deliveries and between 6-15 days for Canada deliveries. Once your box ships, you will receive a tracking email so you can keep track of your delivery date. All tracking emails are sent to your PayPal email address. Because of the high value of our shipments and because "Luxor" refers to luxury, we ship all signature boxes in plain white mailers. This is our way to help prevent theft during shipment and delivery.


July 2018 Box Currently accepting orders. Shipping between July 10-20th Free gift with Annuals and Semi Annuals shipping between July 10-20th separately from the May Membership box.


We ship within the United States and to APO boxes and we also ship to Canada.


Once you become a member, all members can access all personal account based information by simply logging into their personal PayPal account. We use PayPal exclusively because it's one of the safest payment sources for our members. Having all of your personal credit card info stored with-in your personal PayPal account is more secure than having it stored on any business website, that is why we chose PayPal for our payment source. This helps our members feel secure with their purchase and also gives them full control over their account with us. It's easy to access your account info and update credit cards, shipping address, check on next recur date, cancel, etc. Simply log into your personal PayPal account to access and update any and all of your personal account info for your subscription with us.

Steps to update your address in PayPal for "recurring subscriptions" or "future orders":

You will need to update your address with-in your personal PayPal account in 2 areas:

  1. Please update your main PayPal account address (under account settings)

  2. MOST IMPORTANT for your subscription with us...please locate your subscription with us with-in your personal PayPal account. Please click into your subscription and click "edit" next to "shipping address" and update to your new shipping address. Please do this BEFORE the 5th of the month of shipping or your address update will not be applied to the upcoming box.

Steps to update your address for any "one-time" purchase, for example... a "store purchase" or a "Special Edition or Limited Edition Box":

You will need to email us direct at and let us know you purchased an item in our store or a Special or Limited Edition box and your address has changed since the date when you placed the order. Please be very specific in your email to the exact orders you have placed and how many so we can manually update ALL your orders with your new address. Please let us know the new address to ship your purchase and please reach out to us with this info at least 5 days prior to the listed ship date of your purchase. Please NOTE: If you only update in PayPal and you don't reach out to us direct by email, your item will still ship to your OLD address as PayPal address updates are ONLY for future orders. Any past order stays locked in at the address you had listed at the time of order. Luxor Box is NOT responsible for any box or item shipped to your old address if we did not receive an email direct from you notifying us specifically of the boxes you have purchased that are in need of your address change prior to shipments as described above.


Damaged Product Policy: If any of the products in your Luxor Box arrive damaged or if there are any problems what-so-ever with anything in your Luxor Box shipment, we require you to email us at with-in 3 days of receipt of receiving your Luxor Box. If you do not email us with-in 3 days of receiving, we will not issue a replacement. Please send us an email with an image of the problem or damaged product and a short description of the full damage. If damaged, we may require you to ship the item back to us in order for us to replace it. If required, we will give you specific instructions on which shipping method we need you to use and we will reimburse you for any return shipping charges (full instructions will be given to you by email). If we require you to ship the damaged product back to us, this will need to be done with-in 2 weeks of us notifying you with the return instructions. If we do not receive your damaged product back with-in 2 weeks, we will not guarantee a replacement. If we do not have the same product on hand to replace, we will give you options of other product choices. We do not refund for boxes, products or any damaged items, but we will replace a damaged item with the same or a comparable item if you notify us as stated above with-in 3 days of receiving your Luxor Box.

Risk of loss: A shipping confirmation with your tracking number will be sent to your PayPal email address you provided at time of order. Please track your shipment as Luxor Box is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. The merchandise purchased will be shipped by a third party carrier. We deny all responsibility of the merchandise as soon as it leaves our warehouse. As a result, title and risk of loss for such merchandise will pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier. Any dispute or claim must be resolved with the third party carrier.


All sales are final. Due to the custom nature of our boxes, we are not able to accept returns, refund, credit, exchange or transfer after the order has been made. However, since all subscriptions are recurring, you may cancel at any time. There are no cancellation fees, simply log into your personal PayPal account and locate your subscription with us, click into it and locate the "cancel" link and click...follow the prompts. It's that easy. If you decide to cancel, you should do so before your next renewal date. If you cancel after your next renewal date, you will still be charged for your next box or boxes (per the subscription you are in of every-other-month, 6-month, or annual). Because Luxor Box is a surprise membership service, refunds for boxes already shipped or any of our subscription plans are not available.